This summer I had the opportunity to collaborate again with the Frasassi Climbing Festival, an organization with which I had already worked in 2015 to shoot photos of the event.
This time the challenge was greater, as I had to shoot two promotional videos and a video report.
We choose to focus on the climbing activities, producing a video about rock climbing in the area, featuring aerial footage of the rock walls above the Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi.

Frasassi Climbing Festival Promo 2016 from Ludovica Galeazzi on Vimeo.

The second aspect of climbing is bouldering. The festival featured a street boulder contest, so the decision was to shot a video showing a climber attempt one of the possible boulders… but without revealing the end!
This was a very fast-paced production, as I had to plan the storyboard, shoot the footage, edit and color correct it in a matter of days.

Street Boulder Promo Frasassi Climbing Festival 2016 from Ludovica Galeazzi on Vimeo.

The video report is coming soon!