Kaizers Orchestra

Live at Botanique, Brussels, Belgium – 01 March 2013

Think of Norway: which music bands come first to your mind?
The infamous “True Norwegian Black Metal”, I bet – Emperor, Mayhem, Burzum, Satyricon…

Amongst the fjords and snowy glaciers of this Nordic country, there is also alternative rock.

Kaizers Orchestra has been in the music business for almost fourteen years, has seven albums under the belt, but still manages to release an amazing album trilogy, “Violeta Violeta”, and embark on a long European tour.

Kaizers: what a show!
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A huge audience fills the concert hall of Botanique in Brussels where the band makes its theatrical entrance opened by the eccentric keyboardist Helge hiding his face with gas mask, followed by the other ‘Kaizers’ in less unusual outfits.

The performance is energetic and the band hits with metal bars their trademark empty oil-barrels that are sitting on the stage. The audience rocks and sings along with the band, blonde Norwegian girls – there is quite a number of them – squeal and try to grab the hand of the singer Janove or a guitar pick from the guitarists Geir and Terje. It’s the end of the encore, both the band and the public are dripping with sweat: an enthusiastic performance of this not-so-sinister Norwegian band.

Kaizers Orchestra, alternative rock, live Botanique, Brussels, Belgium, 01 March 2013
Website: kaizers.no