Live at Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzett, Luxembourg – 27 October 2012

Rome hardly needs an introduction to fans of neofolk music. After releasing the impressive “Die Aesthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit” (3 CDs for a total of 36 songs), Jérôme Reuter, the mastermind and driving force of the band, showcases his new creation, Hell Money, at the Kulturfabrik, an isolated concert venue lost in the misty and chilly countryside of Luxembourg but die-hard fans traveled there to get the first taste of the new album.
The weather outside is freezing even though winter is yet to come, but inside the hall the public warmly greets the new songs, enchanted by their sublime beauty, and by the less known “singer-songwriter” side of Jérôme, but the martial and apocalyptic folk sound we were used to reappears with the old hits that can’t be left out. An atmospheric, dark and epic performance from one of the leading names in the neofolk scene.

Rome’s singer Jérôme Reuter live, Luxembour, October 2012.
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Rome, neofolk, from Luxembourg